Priscilla Caripan

Desirous Priscilla Caripan Awaits On The Back Seat

Priscilla Caripan… Does this name sound familiar to you? I did not know her either, but she’s someone to remember. Gorgeous 23-year-old model, half Canadian, half Chilean, Priscilla Caripan is the star of a sexyphotoshoot for DSS Spain, October 2012 issue.

And she hits us with some crazy hot photos, in which she’s generous enough to pose in her best positions, just to highlight her curves. Her body is impressive and, as far as I am concerned, the cleavage seems heaven to me. She’s aware of that, so she pops out her tits at any time.

On the road, Priscilla Caripan lays on the back seat of a car in provocative lingerie. Models and cars are the best combination. But when you see that perfectly round ass, there’s nothing to make you take your eyes off Priscilla Caripan. This blonde with curves stole my heart!