Nicole Scherzinger

Birth Name:
Nicole Elikolani Prescovia Scherzinger
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
5 ‘5
Actress, Singer

Nicole Scherzinger In A Lingerie-Like Dress? Yes Please!

Here’s my favorite Pussycat on the entire planet, Nicole Scherzinger, making her way to the “Pride of Britain Awards” in London last night, and looking damn sexy in something that looks a hell of a lot like it’s sexy lingerie. Yeah, yeah, I know that it’s not really lingerie, and that it’s just some fancy schmancy pattern thingy, but a guy can dream, can’t he? Just like he’s dreaming that Nicole (in lingerie) is actually making her way to his parent’s basement with some much-neededRobitussin.

Nicole Scherzinger Loves Trashy Costumes With Major Cleavage

In the spirit of Halloween, we continue the journey among the sexiest Halloween costumes. This time, Nicole Scherzinger is in our sight, with a red outfit. Attending Rylan Clark’s Birthday/Halloween Party in a London nightclub, Nicole Scherzinger wore a red body with fishnet tights and a latex trench coat, for the maximumtrashy effect.

But if we analyze a little bit more the photos, we’d realize that this is not so strange from what she normally wears on stage. Anyway, Nicole Scherzinger knows how to choose her costumes, as she looks sensational. Her curves stay tight and highlighted, with her tits almost exploding from there. And to be sure that she knock us down completely, her long legs are incredibly hot.

Oh, how I love Halloween! It’s the only chance, maybe, for women to show off everything they got best wearing trashy clothing outside their bedrooms, without being judged. Well,  Nicole Scherzinger does that pretty much every time she sings, so she must be enjoying exposing.

Nicole Scherzinger – Cleavage In London

Nicole Scherzinger astonished every one of us when she revealed in the VH1 Behind the Music show that she had major eating disorders and she had a time when she was disgusted with herself and was feeling nothing but embarrassment about her body. But what was she thinking? It’s enough for Nicole Scherzinger to look in the mirror and see how beautiful she looks.

I believe now she knows that, as she was so generous in exposing a large cleavage while she out in London. A strapless short dress, plus a back half disclosed, made her walking on the streets be dangerous, as she needed to be escorted by several men.

Who knows how British guys would felt like acting seeing this gorgeous leggy creature more naked, than dressed? And whoever Nicole Scherzinger tried to impress, squeezing her tits and popping them out, I’m sure it was a success. As for me, I am pleased by all this sexiness around her.

Nicole Scherzinger Looking All Kinds Of Leggy Hot

Here’s sexy Pussycat Nicole Scherzinger making her second shwingtastic appearance in less than twenty-four hours outside of theITV Studios in London, and looking like one hell of a leggy and curvy bombshell of a hottie in a sexy/nerdy little outfit. Hot damn, does this babe make me go bonkers. Absolute perfection from head to toe. But you cats already knew that, right? Right.