Natalie Portman

Birth Name:
Natalie Hershlag
Date of birth:
Place of Birth:
Jerusalem, Israel
5 ‘4
actress, model

Natalie Portman Hot As Blonde

Here’s Natalie Portman finally back at work on the set of Terrence Malick’s new movie, and… whoa… that’s Natalie Portman!? She looks freaking shwingtastic! I mean, yeah, she always did, but going blond and adding three cup sizes to her bra has amplified her hotness levels through the freaking roof!!! Ok, ok, so I know that she’s not reallyChristina Hendricks busty all of a sudden, and I know that she’s obviously just wearing a padded bra or something, but we can still pretend, right? And we can definitely still drool over pseudo ginormous bosom as well, yay! And yeah, she totally looks hotter as a blond as well. Alright, enough blabbing…