Mila Kunis

Birth Name:
Milena Kunis
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Kiev, Ukraine
5 ‘3 ”

The Proof That Mila Kunis Is The Sexiest Woman Alive

The November issue of Esquire Magazine brings a series of surprises. The first one is that Mila Kunis is on the cover and the second one, naming the actress The Sexiest Woman Alive. The photoshoot gets everyone intrigued for sure, but the title is just a formality, as Mila Kunis had always something provoking in her.

And I must say, the actress did not need to take her clothes off to get named The Sexiest Woman Alive. This fortunate slip, in which Mila Kunis lets her curves exposed in front of the camera comes like a celebration, a proof that she really deserves to be called the sexiest.

Lingerie, tight leather pants and satin sheets are pretty much the things that cover Mila Kunis’s body separately, of course. My eyes are set on her perfect cleavage and her naughty ass. Why on Earth would someone looking so hot keep her goodies privately? Sharing is caring, Mila!