Georgia Salpa

Georgia Salpa Devours Us With Her Ravishing Hotness

Georgia Salpa puts her and us against the wall, looking extremely hot in Panache Lingerie. On a white wall behind her, the model’s best body features are highlighted by the sexy lingerie with big bra cups, to cope with all that heaviness of her boobs, and her bold attitude, as well.

Her whole body, her curves and even her face show confidence and lots of sexiness. Georgia Salpa is the kind of woman that can do whatever she wants with your body, without fighting her back. After all, who would resist her? Or better, who would want to resist her?

Skinny figure, with curves and awesome tits, long legs and a tint of darkness in her skin – I guess we can agree that the lingerie is almost useless in this case. Georgia Salpa doesn’t need any tricks to conquer us. We’re blown away from the first two seconds we see her. Convince yourself using the photos bellow! Georgia Salpa is a meaneter!