Rita Ora Looks Naughty And So Cleavy In Swimsuits

Lately, Rihanna got some competition, not only in music, but in appearance and good looking, too. Well, it was about time to have a sustainable proof regarding Rita Ora, because she’s the one I’m talking about. Blonde with curves, pretty far from being skinny, Rita Ora has just about the right amount of what it takes to make her look so hot.

In various swimsuits, she shows off very proudly her body. A good cleavage and lovely legs, finished with a phenomenal butt, I’m sure, though she kept it away from the camera. She can be playful, funny, but sexy and inciting, as well, so Rita really seems to know how to mess with our minds.

It’s kind of hard to make a comparison between the two divas, but the fact that Rita Ora is already a bad girl makes her a redoubtable thread. Hope to see more of this new hottie and her curvy forms! After all, I might prefer her over Rihanna.

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