Ariadne Artiles Is Hot In The Winter With Yamamay Lingerie On

It seems like yesterday I was talking about Ariadne Artiles. Oh, but, wait! It was yesterday. Well, maybe the day before yesterday, but the point is (besides the fact that I used “yesterday” a lot), this girl is on fire right now, posing for the Yamamay Lingerie Winter Collection 2012/2013.

Whatever! I’m sure no man cares which brand she represents, as long as she’s standing in front of our eyes half naked, partially covered in sexy underwear. It may be the winter collection, but the low temperatures definitely go up high in the thermometers when hot Ariadne Artiles loses her clothes.

Imagination is all I’ve got to figure it out what’s underneath that lingerie. She’s so easy to love: rocking body, beautiful cleavage and long, long legs. I might as well pick up my jaw from the floor. Oh, how I love lingerie and how I love being on a sexy girl like Ariadne Artiles!

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