Heidi Klum Gives A Leggy Show At Emmy Awards

Emmy Awards was a great opportunity for women to show off their best outfits in their sexiest bodies. A very pleasing appearance was Heidi Klum, who wasn’t sure if it would be better to opt for a cleavage or a leggy style, so she exposed both. It’s always a pleasure to see how a long dress takes an unexpected hot twist, when legs and boobs start showing.

If Heidi Klum wanted to give Seal a lesson for what he has lost, I believe he’s crushed. To have this amazing body in your hands and to throw it away, like you don’t need it anymore… it’s something I can’t imagine myself doing.

Watching her leggy show and desperately wanting for more, that’s how Heidi Klum plays with us in this dress. At 39 years old and after being pregnant with 4 children she still looks this way – genetic must work in her favor.

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